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The Search for Elder Wisdom

My concept for this website… is to provide information that will be useful to men and women 65 and older.

There are sites that target “late-life” and “the elderly” but they are for caregivers, activists, special interest groups. They focus on such things as elder abuse in nursing homes, how to take care of elderly parents, etc.

This site is for those of us who are fully functioning adults who have, by being 65 or older, reached “elderly” status as defined by our age. Regardless of how active, healthy, and productive we are at 65 and beyond, people younger than us treat us differently solely because of our age. In the United States, our age is a liability.

I would like to post your stories of funny, happy, sad, frustrating times as you navigate this “elder life.” Maybe you’ve gone through a late-life divorce, maybe you’re dating for the first time in decades, maybe you’re struggling with health problems, weight issues, or body image problems. Let’s talk about it!

How about a section of “You Know You’re Elderly When…” stories?

Do you turn to the obituaries each morning and count how many people are younger than you? How many are your age?

When you walk past a mirror, who looks back at you? Or have you started avoiding mirrors as much as possible?

Do you plan long term or are you afraid that you won’t live long enough to finish any major projects?

Would you like to get a dog or cat but fear it will outlive you and might end up in an animal shelter, or worse?

We’re here. We need to focus on the positive. Sharing our fears and triumphs will help us stay the course.

If you have a story to share about anything, please email your comments.

Join me, won’t you, in helping to pave the way ahead for all of us. Let’s share our wisdom; we’ve worked hard for it.

Comments and questions are welcome. First person stories, helpful tips, and other information that might fit this site are also welcome. Please make sure that you provide a valid email address in case I need to contact you for more information. And for anyone who uses this site to send me spam... well, don't expect a reply.

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