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The Other Side of 65

Which side of 65 are you on?

If you’re 64 or younger, come back on your 65th birthday. We’ll celebrate together.

If you’re 65 or older, welcome to your GOLDEN YEARS! Or Fool’s Gold Years as I like to call them. On your 65th birthday you entered Elder Life whether you were ready or not.

Just as some people experience a Midlife Crisis in their 40s or 50s, some people experience an Elder Life Crisis at 65 or after. The triggers for both crises have similarities as well as major differences.

A normal life span goes through three phases: youth, middle age, and… elder life. After that, we drop off the earth. Longevity is not guaranteed to anyone; some people never make it into middle age and others don’t make it to elder life.

To those of us who do live to 65 and beyond, longevity is a gift and a curse.

Each day we are allowed to stay on this earth is a priceless gift. None of us, regardless of our wealth, can buy more time. And there you have the root cause (or curse) of an Elder Life Crisis: the reality of the brief time we have left to live. How many days until we won’t wake up one morning? Will our last days be on our terms or will we be too helpless to live on our own? When is it time to start getting rid of our “stuff” so family or strangers aren’t left with the task of disposing of all that is precious to us but meaningless to them?

Here’s how thesaurus.com defines the term “golden years”:

Main Entry: old age

Definition: period of being elderly

Synonyms: advancing years, age, agedness, autumn of life, caducity, debility, declining years, decrepitude, dotage, elderliness, evening of life, feebleness, geriatrics, golden age, golden years, infirmity, latter part of animate life, longevity, oldness, retirement age, second childhood, senectitude, senescence, senility, seniority, winter of life, years

Antonyms: adolescence, childhood, infancy, youth

What part of “dotage,” “feebleness,” “senility,” and all the other synonyms for “golden years” wouldn’t push many sane men and women into Elder Life Crisis as they entered their Golden Years?

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